Drive in with your old car. Drive out with new one from “Automodus”.
Benefits for you:

  • You don’t need to take care of looking for potential buyers and executing your old car sale.
  • You will pay only the price difference between the selected car and the one you want to exchange.
  • We prepare all the documentation needed.
How does it work?
From the wide range of used cars select the car that fits your needs.
Our professionals will evaluate the condition and value of the car that you want to exchange.
Shortly you will get an offer with the best possible conditions for exchanging your car with the one you have selected.
Please note! Your owned car can be received as a partial installment payment for new car from Automodus or as a down payment if car is bought through leasing.
Sell a Car
Considering to sell a car? Save your time – transfer all the selling concerns to Automodus specialists.
Sell your car
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